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Vibrators…..everything you need to know

by LeVerne Martin

Vibrators…..everything you need to know

Are you interested in a vibrator and not sure which one to get? Stick around and you’ll learn all about the different types of vibrators and how they can be used to reach the big O.

A great option for a beginner….the basic vibrator. This is a usually a smooth tapered shaft with a twisting base or single button control used for vaginal or anal penetration, clitoral stimulation or touching erogenous areas during foreplay.

The bullet vibrator is a smaller version of the basic style. It is generally between 3 to 5” long and can fit in a purse, pocket, or bag without being noticed. They are also extremely quiet and can be taken and used wherever you go (maybe not work).

Realistic vibrator – exactly what is sounds like. A vibrator shaped like the real thing!!! If you want to branch out from the sleek design of the basic vibrator, the realistic vibrators come in various lengths, girths, colors, and skin tones.

The Rabbit Vibrator is any two pronged vibrator consisting of a long main shaft and a short extension resting on top. Both of these shafts work simultaneously, giving vaginal AND clitoral stimulation.

The Clit “Vibrator.”  Parenthesis were placed around vibrator, because it’s not really a vibrator. This amazing “vibrator” seals around your clitoris and pulses away, giving you the sensation of receiving oral sex. Hot Damn!

The G-Spot Vibrator. The G-Spot is about an inch inside the vagina and has a raised, bumpy texture, if you’re touching it. It also gets more prominent as you become aroused. What’s so great about the G-spot vibrator is they give you a longer reach than your fingers and are angled at the tip to apply the perfect amount of pressure, sending you into outer space.



Wash it with an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner!! Taking care of your toy will ensure you get more usage out of it.

NOTE: NEVER use silicone lube with a sex toy made from TPE, TPR, or Silicone. The lube destroys the toy.