Creamie Pleasure Party

Do you want to add fun and excitement to your bedroom?

Learn a few tricks?

What to use?

What to touch? 

What to lick? 

Do you want to earn free gifts and discounts on Creamie Products?

Host a Creamie Pleasure can either host an in-home party, where a consultant comes to your home or a virtual party, where the party happens online. Your Creamie Party consultant will help you select the best option. 

You and your guests will learn about the latest beauty products, as well as, lubricants and sex toys...while having fun and playing games.

Infants and children (under 21) cannot be on the premises during a Creamie Pleasure Party. If you are partying online, please attend in a private area. 


The hostess will receive

  • a FREE hostess gift 
  • 10% of your party's total sales in free product when your party total sales reach $250 or more.
  • 50% off items based on total party sales:

$500 in sales - 1 item

$850 in sales - 2 items

$1150 in sales - 3 items

$1450 in sales - 4 items

*before tax & shipping

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