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How to Use a Masturbator

by Gloria Winslow
How to Use a Masturbator

How to Use a Masturbator

What is a male masturbator???

Just like women have their toys….a man should too!! The purpose of a male masturbator is to give sexual pleasure…alone or with someone 😊

But before we discuss the different types of masturbators and how to use them……let’s go over a few things:

  1. Masturbators are VERY personal….so don’t let anyone use yours.
  2. Make sure you clean it after every use.
  3. Use ONLY water-based lube
  4. Store it properly so it will be ready…when you are

Types of Male Masturbators

Tired of using your hand? Get a pocket pussy. You can opt to get a basic sleeve or one that looks and feels like a vagina, mouth, or butt. They are simple to use and will intensify your pleasure. If you use it alone, it may help increase your stamina and stop you cumming so quick. Or if you’re with a friend, you can use it during foreplay.

If you don’t want to use your hand at all, try a replica of the female torso. You can get a torso in various positions and some of these have butt and vagina access. 😊



You don’t want to grab an icky sticky pocket pussy, so make sure you clean it well after each use. Wash it with an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner!! Taking care of your toy will ensure you get more usage out of it.


NOTE: NEVER use silicone lube with a sex toy made from TPE, TPR, or Silicone. The lube destroys the toy.